Waste Disposal Systems Submersible Systems Without Compression


GEPA LIFT creates top-notch underground garbage bins without compression that are an economical solution for any Municipality wishing to increase its citizens’ quality of life as well as to reduce its operating costs quickly and effortlessly. Waste management is now easier and less frequent, while the surrounding area remains clean and odorless.

Underground waste container systems

A global innovation in waste collection that reduces costs by up to 65%, submersible waste disposal systems are now a top choice. The underground bins disappear discreetly, are in perfect harmony with the environment and remain elegant.

An underground waste container system has a relatively low cost compared to its benefits. Moreover, its installation lasts 2 to 3 hours and then it is ready to use, without requiring any changes to the existing equipment.

Each submersible bin can hold up to 3000lt, meaning it has three times the capacity of a conventional garbage bin!