Waste Disposal Systems Submersible Systems With Compression


Underground garbage bins with compression are an economical, ecological and energy solution for everyone – cities, companies, and individuals alike.GEPA LIFT features a wide selection of garbage compression bins with a number of advantages over other conventional methods: they reduce the garbage collection frequency by up to 80% and cost by up to 90%, significantly increase the capacity of the bins, enhance recycling, and keep the environment clean. In addition, trash compactor bins provide flexibility both in terms of type and layout, and do not require any modifications to existing equipment, e.g. garbage trucks.

Public trash compactors

Did you know that a single bin compressor of 1100lt can hold more garbage than 8 conventional 1100lt bins can?

At the same time, a trash compactor bin drastically contributes to the protection of the environment as it reduces air pollution created by diesel-powered garbage trucks by reducing their daily routes.

If your Municipality is looking for reliable equipment, the low-cost and high-profit garbage compression bins of GEPA LIFT guarantee results that will upgrade the area in various ways.

Discover the wide variety of GEPA LIFT waste management systems and take advantage of our numerous options in standard and optional equipment that matches your every need, today.