Waste Disposal Systems


Keeping up with today’s requirements for sensible waste management systems, GEPA LIFT has created underground waste bins that offer a plethora of advantages.

If you are looking for smart waste management solutions, underground trash cans offer multiple benefits over other conventional methods.

More specifically, when it comes to public trash compactors, the financial benefits for the public sector are over 90% as garbage collection takes place every 7 to 12 days – an underground trash can may accept compressed waste of up to 10m3 of initial volume, i.e. each 1100lt bin can, in fact, hold more than 8 1100lt compressed bins!

Submersible Systems With Compression

Underground garbage bins with compression are an economical, ecological and


Submersible Systems Without Compression

GEPA LIFT creates top-notch underground garbage bins without compression


Underground Bins

BN systems are an ideal solution for the disposal of small waste in public and private areas,


Why invest in Waste Management Systems by GEPA LIFT

A waste compactor contributes to the protection of the environment as, by reducing daily routes, it also reduces air pollution caused by the thousands of diesel garbage trucks that operate every day.

A trash compactor bin can also facilitate the lives of citizens and remain aesthetically pleasing, contributing to the smooth operation of cities, islands, hospitals, hotels, universities, etc.:

  • All external parts for the collection of recyclable and mixed materials are accessible to all users (children, the elderly, the disabled).
  • They withstand decades of severe weather conditions and heavy use.
  • They feature an airtight and waterproof safety mechanism against odours, snow, thunderstorms, etc.
  • They effectively eliminate waste that is in public view, keeping sidewalks cleaner, without unpleasant odours.
  • All types of waste can be managed through gradual compression: mixed materials, glass, metal, PET-plastic, bio-waste, edible fats, electrical appliances etc.

GEPA LIFT’s smart bins for waste management are also ideal for recycling: sorting is performed at the “source”, thus reducing additional costs of transport and sorting.

Invest today in the right bin compressor and take advantage of its many benefits: our underground garbage bins drastically reduce operating costs while helping the environment!

GEPA LIFT is among the best recycling bin manufacturers – get in touch today and let’s find the perfect solution for you.