GEPA LIFT is a Greek company that has been active since 1981. All the years of continuous business activity has shown significant work in the field of development and innovation. It stands out for its new production methods, innovative products and business models in the digital age.

Always aiming for new technologies, GEPA LIFT is active in the construction of lifting machines, submersible waste reduction bins and composting machines. The company achieved a leading role in its industry based on long-term experience and continuous information and promotion, resulting in the consolidation and optimization of the current product line and the design / development of new products through its valuable know-how.

Pilot projects, developed since 1987 in the field of robotic application in high-tech and quality products, worked well, paving the way and starting to implement the construction standards of the products. The success continued due to the quality, the implementation of the systems and the acceptance of all of them by our customers.

The company is unique in its kind in all the Balkans and produces products providing comprehensive turnkey services in intelligent robotic application systems and high-risk machines. It has a uniqueness of constructions in specialized products on a pan-Hellenic scale but also in the Balkans and is one of the few companies of its kind in Europe.

GEPA LIFT aims to have a presence around the world, in order to know the requirements / needs of customers and to be able to meet them. By participating in many industry exhibitions throughout Greece and Europe. The purpose of the management is the implementation of commercial strategies that aim at the production and sale of large quantities, resulting in the emergence of the company among the industry leaders, increasing its competitiveness in the market, but also its turnover. Its intention is to make GEPA LIFT synonymous with quality and reliability, but also more recognizable.

It is the belief of the management that the satisfaction of the customers is achieved through the provision of products, which, in addition to meeting the needs of the customers through the use, comply with the applicable regulations, have high safety and efficiency characteristics, their use is flawless. it is easy and clear, it is reliable in the long run, and at the same time, economical. Its clientele is expanded across Europe, with a network of partners, active in the field of sales, service, spare parts and service.